Kin ad Inc. a 501-(c) (3) organization that relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations for financial contributions and sponsorships to sustain the organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Your support will help us continue to travel throughout our communities year round to share and preserve the history of African Americans.

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They Are Not Forgotten

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Truth and Lie

One day, Truth and Lie agreed to go swimming together. They reached the water, Truth took off his clothes and jumped into the water. Lie picked up the clothes, put them on, and has walked around ever since, claiming to be Truth.

African American folk tale...


Kinad Inc., founded in 2001, is a South Florida based 501-(c) (3) not-for-profit organization mission is to create an innovative face-to face educational experience that focuses on a self-determination, developmental growth and solutions, engaging effective educational experiences which enhance awareness and appreciation by all generations of our multiethnic and multicultural historic heritage, with special emphasis on the long-neglected contributions of the African World, both ancient and modern, primarily through traveling with various custom-designed multi-media exhibitions of well-researched historical information and of cultural artifacts.


From its concepting in 2001 Kinad Inc. has been dedicated towards keeping African American history viable for any educational institutions, social and community events throughout our country year round to over 1,000 locations today. It has not been an easy quest, quitting is not an option. Kinad realize the importance that any race of people must "Know Your Self; Like Your Self and Be Your Self." Dr. Robert Ingram

Kinad Inc. travels to any and all educational programs, events, churches, etc, echoing these words of hope to our diversify environment. We exist to help others understand and disseminated our educational materials and programs throughout our every day changing communities on the major historical data and contributions made by African and African in the Diaspora, unfortunately the relevance of African and African living in the Diaspora contributions made to the world continues to attenuate daily. The history and present contributions of African and African in the Diaspora is not being taught respectfully in America's educational environment to full capacity. It is with through my research that many historians and concern citizens is concerned on this issues, of the importance of remembering and teaching to K-12th grade about these individuals accomplishment and how they are not properly noted or even remember as ICON, Goodwill Ambassadors, Humanitarian, Inventors, Solders, and a major race that uplifted America for its success then and now. This concerns is noted in many newspapers articles, historian, educators, throughout the world. However, on the other hand through Kinad (2) two traveling units and programs remain in existence to honor these individuals and recognizes that their contributions was not done in vain, we are sustaining the veracity of these heroic people and updating present accomplishments of African and African American. (Know Your Past / Know Your Future).

Kinad Inc. is passionate in preserving those individuals who made it possible for our nation to become a better home for millions of people living in America today. These courageous individuals Must Be Remembered, please help Kinad continue to tell their stories since our existence in 2001. This needed and long over looked information is not being thought in our schools systems, alternative programs, after school facilities nor talked about in most family homes, Kinad refuse to allow the history of people of Africa and African in Diaspora become dormant. This resonated through Kinad African American Mobile Museum, exhibitions and other programs gives us the opportunity to achieve these challenges.

Your generosity will help Kinad to continue to travel throughout our nation. Kinad track record has received outstanding reviews for over 16 years , including the opportunity to teach this information into public and private educational schools systems using an approved curriculum for the 1994 legislative mandate. Due to a lack of funding continues to creates financial disparity that prohibits us from teaching African American History into all educational institutions year round. Kinad Inc. is constantly confronted with words of discouragement that there is " NO Funding from the state of Florida and some local governmental departments in make provisions towards funding Kinad African American traveling exhibitions, African American Mobile Museum, including other needed services we provides yearly for the residents throughout Miami, however, on the other hand some funding have been received from cultural grants, local officials, and from individual donations whereas, other cultural groups are receiving thousands and millions of dollars to preserve their history and cultural. Kinad on several occasions has requested assistance from various sources to secure a building to convert into an African American Museum in Miami Dade County, funding is a problem, plus support from others in key positions to make this request happen in the largest county in Florida's 67 counties. We need your help monetary from all concern people in making this long 11 plus years " dream" become a reality in converting a building or a new structure for an African American Museum in our community.

There are several other Cultural Museums, in our county, but over course of seven plus years Kinad Inc, have requested allocation of land, or a building to convert into a African American Museum and other programs to several local political leaders at several citizen presentations, meetings in Tallahassee and with other reliable individuals to assist with this matter. This request still remains as a MUTED subject. As an African American who is the 9+ plus generations in America, passionate for preserving the history of millions of African ancestry and sadden by million of souls who have been forgotten and and grateful to others that paved the way for my existence to keep telling their stories. One must ask, what's the real problem? My request to the readers who believes in this quest, please help Kinad Inc. continue to preserve the legacy of African Americans who were instrumental in uplifting of our nation and opened the gateway for other immigrates to continues to reap the benefits from the major roles the African American provided over 400 plus years. Kinad is requesting your monetary support, your letters to our local and state political leaders to get involve. We too are seeking philanthropist support with this mission.

Through our strong passion in sharing this precious information to our community and nation together it can be accomplished, we are confident in your support.

If you cannot assist Kinad Inc. please pass this information on to someone you believe can assist us in traveling year round with our educational projects and programs. Let Not the plight for human rights be forgotten. If you are able, please make your donation to the left and tell others about us, encourage them to help us stay afloat. Help us to continue to invest into our children and youth future. It can be done from your hands to their minds.

Please read below, and pass this information to concern individuals.

Intensely concerned with improving knowledge of African American history in schools both locally and nationally, Founder and President of Kinad Inc., She kina Dell mar Donald son, alone with her husband Baswell E. Donaldson Vice President; Production Manager both spearheaded the design and development of the Kinad Inc. Timeline African American Mobile Reading Museum, exhibits that features "The Liberators". Through my research it has been traditional in many educational institutions to disavow African descent contributions into American History Books. The goal of this traveling museum is to recognize the great contributions of Africans and African Americans to our society, and to do this in an inclusive manner. " Understanding American History Through The Eyes of African American";

Kinad Timeline African American Mobile Museum is an on-site field trip resource for schools and other educational institutions. In addition, this exhibition and program presents Florida's' FCAT as it relate to material in math, reading comprehension, writing, science, geography and history, while enhancing literacy and stronger vocabulary skills.

Kin ad's interchangeable traveling African American exhibit and Mobile Museum provides year round projects and programs for educational purposes. Kin ad Inc. African American Interchangeable Mobile Museum to provide educational and historical materials to enormous diversified community. The Mobile Museum and exhibit addresses several essential and major needs to the general public year round.

This one of a kind unique hands-on educational experience involves a brief chronological time-Line of African, African American and African in the diaspora history, dating from periods as early as 5 million years ago to present. The exhibit provides a concise snapshot of over 800 pieces of historical facts on the robust history, tragic journey, contributions and accomplishments of Africans, African Americans and Africans in the Diaspora.

These traveling units is designed for multiple educational purposes, in its ability to provide materials to educated schools and the general public on the History of African American including informative workshops and ways and means that addresses resolutions on combating crime in our community. Kinad continues to fill a void in our every day life, through dealing with real issues and concern that improve the quality of life for our society.

Through the traveling educational units also provides multi-purpose and programs to K-12 graders, teachers, parents, cultural events, at-risk youth schools, young adults programs, including the general public on uninformed historical and present documentation's on African American contributions in shaping America. Kin ad Inc. has advanced its public awareness projects and programs to under-served and privileged community. These needed projects and programs highlight Crime preventions discussions in schools, alternative programs, cultural arts center, park and recreations and events for the general public. As a footnote for the sole purpose of Kinad Inc. existence is to focus on the importance of Human Rights issues that is factored into our programs in developing avenues and awareness toward creating dialogue of hope, prosperity and unity in our diversified environment.

This innovated approach enables Kinad Inc. to provide vital collaborating services for our communities that deals with individuals needs and daily concerns. Kin ad Inc. stands on these thresholds issues to ignite a since of successful services for the all communities nationwide in order to help make better provisions for our society.

Over the course of Kinad 16 plus years of traveling to over 1,000 locations in the State of Florida with the First African American Traveling Exhibit and the First Interchangeable African American Mobile Museum equipped to travel to various locations list below:

  • Public Schools, Private Schools

  • National Conventions

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Fraternity / Sorority

  • State & Government Building

  • Military Base

  • Churches

It is our hope that, with the knowledge gained from our traveling exhibit and mobile museum , all people will begin to recognize and understand the greatness of ancient African civilizations; the magnitude of enslaved Africans struggle for freedom; the ongoing challenges for recognition, equality and human rights; and the impact of African American contributions to our society.

Welcome visitors to our new internet home. For more information on how your school, college, university, organization, or business can experience Kinad's traveling African American Mobile Museum, Exhibits and other services. Contact us.