Kinad Inc. a 501-(c) (3) organization that relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations for financial contributions and sponsorships to sustain the organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Your support will help us continue to travel throughout our communities year round to share and preserve the history of African Americans.

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From Your Hands To Their Minds

Now More Than Ever Education For Children and Youth In America Need Your Help!

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The Precious History of African Americans and Africans In The Diaspora is Being Forgotten.

Our Children, Youth and Diversified Communities are unwarned of Major Roles and Contributions that Africans/African Americans and Africans in the Caribbean made and continues to make to the world.

Is there any hope for our children and young adults? YES you have an "Opportunity to Make a Difference” your gift will help Kinad Inc. educate
K-12 graders, and others through the first unique one of a kind Time-Line African/ African American Mobile Museum, that predates informative materials from 5 million years ago to present. This educational traveling units and programs emphasizes major contributions made by African/ Africans African Americans and the Caribbean. Our programs over the pass 8 years have opened the eyes and influenced thousands of children, youth and the general public motivating them to become actively involved in their homes, schools and communities as achievers and good citizens. These special Mobile Museum, exhibits and programs continues to promote Tolerance, Inclusion of Diversity of Cultural Awareness year round.

Your Gift today to Kinad Inc. will give our organization the opportunity to continue to travel to Schools, Aftercare programs, At Risk Youth programs by preserving and educating over thousands of these individuals on the Precious History and Programs on African/ African- Americans Heritage Past and Present with our hands on materials approved by Miami Dade and Broward County School Boards and has become a vital supplement to these Counties. Unfortunately, funding from these educational institutions is not available. We daily search for grants to continue this needed program. Some of your gift donation will also help to support Community Cultural Awareness Events and Programs for children, youths and the General Public as a potential resolution for participates of all ages to teach the next generation.

Our motto is a reflection of our service to our communities and amplifies that ("PHD" Passion, Hunger & Drive), are the essential ingredients needed to maintain our healthy nation.

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