Kinad Inc. a 501-(c) (3) organization that relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations for financial contributions and sponsorships to sustain the organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Your support will help us continue to travel throughout our communities year round to share and preserve the history of African Americans.

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The Mission of Kinad, Inc., is to enhance the quality of life by making provisions towards a comprehensive, appreciated experience for all educational institutions with materials equipped to accommodate grades all ages with instructional hands-on materials and other educational programs that includes health awareness, physical fitness programs and cultural services for communities year round.

Shekinad Donaldson & Baswell Donaldson

Kinad Inc. is Classified as a Human Services Community Based Organization  since 2001 which provides services for Delinquency Prevention, thematic dialogue on reducing school and environmental bullying, hate crime defusing, solutions towards eradicating racism in our diversified community, including physical exercises that combines Kinadworkacise rhythmic aerobic for children, youth & adults of all ages to improve various elements of body fitness, healthy eating awareness discussions on ways and means to reduce obesity, Question and Answers on Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, and educational materials towards enhancement literacy skills. These concerns and services are implemented through Kinad Inc. Educational programs through the use of our African American Mobile Museum, Exhibitions and other academic educational programs.

Whereas, Kinad uses relevant sources to implement various needed programs, two in particular are the educational instructional curriculum which is developed on African, African American, and African in the Diaspora and the other is defusing Bullying and other harassment prohibited in our environment.

Kinad Inc. curriculum on the history of African American is supported by the 1994 Florida Statute 1003.42 (formerly 233.061) to teach K-12 graders statewide on the history of African American history year, including House Bill No. 669 section 1. (1006.147)  to teach K-12 graders statewide on prohibiting Bullying and harassment approved on June 10, 2008. Through these Florida Statutes Kinad Inc. has infused these Legislated Florida Statutes into our programs to improve our community for After-School programs, Parks & Recreations, Cultural Arts Center, Alternative Programs, at risk Youth and especially the under-served communities. Kinad Inc. is dedicated towards dissemination these concerns and issues by collaborations with other numerous non-profit organization, private sectors and the general public since 2001.

Kinad Inc. educational programs heighten awareness of, and access to the full range of little known and too-often-neglected information regarding the extensive role of African, African American and Africans in the Diaspora, peoples who played prominent roles in shaping our nation and the world that we live in today, doing so particularly in accordance with relevant legislative, public school, library, colleges and accredited museum initiatives and guidelines.

Our programs also includes enhanced college information that underlines subjects and discussions on "Understanding The History of America Through The Eyes of African American History." This inclusive approached is designed also teachers and the general public. These provisions are implemented through Kinad Inc. innovative attractive exhibit that includes activities hands-on materials, embraced by questions and answers, other projects and programs are included with Kinad Inc, mission that also enhance the quality of life for all people.

Since it's conception in the early part of January 2000, KINAD’s goal is to continue to collaborate with other educational vehicles throughout our communities whose primary purpose is sharing pertinent information about the history of African, African American and Africans in the Diaspora from 5 million years to present day history. Our traveling educational units also features the "Liberators". These individuals are recognized in Kinad Inc. mobile museum and exhibit as Good Will Ambassadors in regards to their egalitarian belief for all mankind.

This interchangeable exhibit and mobile museum was designed in an effort to fill a void in our educational system and diversified community by providing a "hands-on experience". We are sincerely dedicated toward disseminating this knowledge throughout our nation all in the hope to build bridges of unity between all ethnic groups in hope they too through our programs become Good Will Ambassadors.


Shekina Dellmar Donaldson

Founder /CEO & President

Baswell E. Donaldson

Vice President & Production Manager